We are affiliated with the Victorian Chapter of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV), and work cooperatively to inform, advise or assist anyone who has an interest in or concern about prostate health.

We provide support to men and their partners, who have been affected by prostate health issues.

We conduct public forums and meetings to educate and encourage local men and their partners to become more informed about prostate cancer treatment options, side-effects and the strategies for dealing with them, and we promote awareness within the broader community of the benefits of early detection.

We also provide information and advice to those men who have a higher than normal risk of prostate cancer because of their age or family history.

If you have indications of prostate cancer it usually comes as a major shock to you, your family and friends. When you have to make decisions about diagnosis and treatment options, you can benefit from discussions with people who have similar experience.

While we do not provide medical advice, when you are newly diagnosed we can help you, your partner, and those concerned about your welfare, to understand the options available, and how you can access these options. We can also provide views on what may lie ahead, after treatment has been undertaken.

If you have immediate concerns about prostate health, and would like to discuss them now, don’t wait for a monthly meeting – contact one of our members by phone or email.

Otherwise you can come to one of our regular monthly meetings, where you can ask any of our members about their experiences.

Other ways in which the group could help you are in the information pages, and in our brochure available here.

Monthly meetings

We hold regular monthly meetings on the last Friday of each month from 10.00 am until noon. Members attend meetings as they feel the need, but about half attend any one meeting, and all are kept up to date through our monthly newsletter (past issues are available on this page). You do not need an invitation to attend; just turn up and you will be made welcome, as will your partner/carer.

Our meetings are held in an informal, friendly and supportive atmosphere, where laughter is an essential ingredient. Everyone, including partners, is welcome to share their experiences, to discuss issues they face, ask questions or voice concerns. Those who have experienced similar challenges will be only too happy to offer support.

We also welcome people who have not been diagnosed but who, for personal or professional reasons, are interested in prostate cancer or other prostate disease and the associated issues.

Typical discussion topics, often guided by a guest speaker, include:

  • Risk factors for prostate cancer
  • Indicators for and detection of prostate cancer
  • Treatment options and their availability
  • Pre-treatment issues
  • Post-treatment care and rehabilitation
  • Management of post-treatment side effects (such as incontinence or erectile dysfunction)
  • Lifestyle changes and choices after prostate cancer
  • Treatment options if the disease recurs

During our tea break you will have the chance to talk to people whose experiences may be of special interest to you, or simply to chat and form friendships.

The venue for our meetings is the Belmont Park Pavilion, 162 Barrabool Road, Belmont. Directions and further information are on the venue page or in this leaflet

Full details of the venue, upcoming topics and speakers for any of our events can be found by clicking through from the title in the sidebar.


Partners are always very welcome at the Geelong Prostate Support Group monthly  meetings. There are many couples who attend regularly.

In addition to the usual monthly meetings, our partners and carers get together for coffee mornings. Here partners can get to know one another and share any concerns that they might have with others who understand. The coffee mornings are held at different cafes around Geelong and are also friendly and a lot of fun. If you would like to chat with a partner before the next coffee morning, please contact the newsletter editor (details in the Contact us page) and he will put you in touch with a partner.

Future coffee mornings are listed in the sidebar.

Promoting awareness about prostate cancer

Our group is active within Geelong region in promoting awareness about prostate cancer and its treatment. Most men are unaware of the incidence of prostate cancer. Each year in Australia about 22,000 men are newly diagnosed as having prostate cancer and about 3,300 die of prostate cancer.

Most men are also unaware of the fact that prostate cancer usually develops without any noticeable symptoms. We believe that it is important that all men be aware of this, and follow the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) advice :-

“Men over age 50, or 40 with a family history of prostate cancer, should talk to their doctor about testing for prostate cancer using the PSA test and DRE as part of their annual health check-up. Men should make an individual informed decision about testing, based on the latest available evidence on the benefits and potential harms of testing, and the subsequent treatment for prostate cancer”. Read more on the PCFA website

We believe this increases the likelihood of early detection, which maximises the chance of a complete recovery.

Providing information

While your GP and specialist must be your primary sources of information about prostate cancer, we have in our library many supplementary printed and audiovisual publications relating to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, and after-treatment care.

Links with other organisations

Our group is affiliated with the  Victorian Chapter of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) which plays an important role in lobbying for Government support, fundraising and supporting research into prostate cancer.

Our group is also affiliated with Cancer Council Victoria, which has developed an international reputation for its innovative work in cancer research, prevention and support. Cancer Council Victoria plays an important role in providing training and support to cancer support group leaders so members can feel safe and secure.

Contact us

If you would like to get more information about the group send an email to one of our organisers or simply come along to a monthly meeting.