Allan is 75 years old. At the age of 66 Allan had his first PSA test, after a work colleague was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Allan’s PSA was 6.5, and he was referred to a urologist. He had 12 biopsies, and two were found to contain cancer. Allan was told that he could watch and wait, or have Brachytherapy at Peter Mac.

There was no urgency for a decision, and not much information was provided.

Allan visited Peter MacCallum and was given a thorough insight into Brachytherapy (BT). He felt that it would be his preferred treatment.

Later, when he returned to his urologist, Allan was informed that BT was to commence in Geelong. He became the first person in Geelong to be implanted with the radioactive seeds. With so much information provided from Peter Mac, Allan found himself helping the nurses as they had had limited training with the procedure, and the after precautions!

After the Brachytherapy procedure, Allan’s PSA reading dropped to 0.2. With Brachytherapy after a time the PSA rises, then falls again. Unfortunately Allan’s has risen, but not fallen. Nine years after the treatment his PSA is now 7.4.

Allan’s urologist suggested having some radiation treatment. In early 2013 he saw his Radiation Oncologist, who was not too concerned with the slow rise. If the PSA continued to rise at the slow rate that it has, the Radiation Oncologist would not consider the need for any treatment for the next 10 years. Even then, Allan was advised that some hormone treatment would be preferable over radiation treatment.

Allan joined the Geelong Prostate Support Group in 2005, after his BT treatment, and has continued to attend most meetings. He enjoys an active life which includes an early hour-long walk each week morning, an exercise class once a week and gardening. He is an active member of the Life Activities Club. Allan’s wife Lorraine often attends our monthly Friday meetings, and regularly joins our Partners’ Group get-togethers.