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Title No.TitlePresenter/ProducerDateTimeNo. of Copies
1So, How Do You Choose? A Guide For Men And Their Partners In Deciding Which Treatment To Choose1
2So, I Have Prostate Cancer. What Now? (Two-Disc Set)PCFA20081
3Things Not To IgnoreSimon Wilcock08/111
4Prostate Cancer - Your Options
5Vic Blue Gumboot Throwing Championship 2012Geelong And Bellarine PSGs04/124 mins1
6Vic Blue Gumboot Throwing Championship 2012 - Channel 31 InterviewChannel 3104/121
7Bendigo PCFA10/111
8Dr Maitham Mathlum (Oncologist) - Presentation to Bellarine PSG03/1065 mins1
9Kester Baines (Naturopath) - Presentation to Geelong PSGGeelong PSG08/121
10Don Murphy (Urologist) - Presentation to Geelong PSGGeelong PSG08/121
11Urinary Incontinence and Erectile DysfunctionPCFA1
12Erectile DysfunctionMr Richard Grills - urologist1h 151
13Erectile DysfunctionDr Raj Gogia - urologist50 mins1
14Sexuality and Mid-Life Changes / AgingDr Lesley Lee03/112
15Pelvic Floor Exercises For MenProf. Pauline Chiarali2
16High Intensity Focussed UltrasoundPCFA1
17Radiation OncologyDr John Kiffer54 mins1
18Information Relating To RadiationGeelong PSG10
19Cryotherapy Freezing Treatment29 mins1
20Radiation Therapy For Prostate CancerDr Michael Izard02/112
21Chronic Radiation-Induced Rectal BleedingProf Pierre Chapuis10/102
22Advanced Prostate CancerDr Greg Neerhut50 mins1
23Life After Prostate Cancer - (Three Disc Set)Geelong PSG Mens' Health Night07/123
24Road To Recovery08/101
25Life After Prostate CancerSuzanne Chambers09/112
26Ken Sikaris, Pathologist, Presentation to Heidelberg PSGHeidelberg PSG09/121
27Ken Sikaris Presentation - Question TimeHeidelberg PSG09/121
28Introduction To MeditationRobyn Jones - Gawler Foundation10/102
30Wellness And MeditationSiegfried Gutbrod - Gawler Foundation10/1050 mins1
31Meditation And Relaxation
32Life How. Meditation And Relaxation (WA)2
33Bruce's Journey - 12 Years Of Highs And LowsBruce Kinnersley
34Life Style And Choices - My StorySteve Radojovic32 mins
35"My Story"Elizabeth Cross1
36Your Prostate....From The InsideProf Warick Delprado05/111
37Dissecting The Link Between Nutrition And Prostate CancerDr Jeff Holst07/111
38Healthy Eating And Prostate Cancer: Improving QOL Through ExerciseCathy Chapman
Michael Russo
39Talk About ItMike Brady. PCFA1
40Techniques For Overcoming Emotional DifficultiesMr Wayne Linton39 mins1
41Hearing Aids And Implantable DevicesDr Radha Simhadri05/112
42Sleep ApnoeaA/Prof Michael Dodd04/111
43Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation and AUA UpdateDr Phillip Katelaris and Taryn Katz1
44PSA Testing - Two-disc setDr Ken Sikaris02/132
45PSA Testing - Two-disc setDr Ken Sikaris02/132
46Carers' Stories Of Hope And RecoveryBeyond Blue20091
47Just Take It Day To DayPeter Mac20091
48Urinary Incontinence Treatment - Patient Testimonials (AMS 800 Artificial Urinary Sphincter)American Medical Systems05/1012 mins1
49Advance Male Sling System - Patient EducationAmerican Medical Systems02/1112 mins1
50AMS 700 (Penile Implant Prosthesis)American Medical Systems06/101
51Proton TherapyMike Cullen at Geelong Meeting05/131
52Caverject Impulse - Patient Self-Injection How To Use DVDPfizer20121
53Systemic TherapiesMaitham Mathlum08/132
54Staying Healthy And ResilientSimon Wilcock11/1364 mins1
55Pedal for Prostate 2014 - Digital camera Images1
564 Steps For Life: CPR Awareness ProgramAmbulance Victoria
57Integrative MedicineProfessor Avni Sali - GPSG09/142