Charles is 68 years old.

In 2007 his GP identified that his annual PSA reading had risen significantly from the one taken 12 months earlier. A repeat PSA test was ordered for 3 months’ time. That subsequent reading was slightly elevated from the previous one. Charles was then directed to visit a urologist for further investigation.

Another PSA test confirmed a rising PSA.

The next step was to undergo a biopsy, and 5 of the 12 samples taken indicated the existence of a tumor in the prostate. Charles’ Gleason score was 7.

He was presented with a range of treatment options to consider, and he decided to have a radical prostatectomy. He suggests that this decision was probably influenced by his engineering background where problem solving is very structured and logic-based. Fortunately he had no after effects from the surgery which have caused him any concern.

Charles attended his first meeting of the Geelong PSG after the surgery; he had learnt of the existence of the Group from a hospital urology nurse.

Following surgery, Charles continued with regular PSA testing. At the 18 month mark, his urologist expressed concern at a rise in his PSA level, and at this point Charles said ‘…I’ve got to do something…You have to make changes and believe that those changes will make a difference…it is all about believing that what you do is making a difference.’

Charles made changes to his diet. He sought advice from a dietician. He listened carefully to the findings of fellow Geelong Prostate Support Group member Steve, who had applied dietary changes which he believed had been fundamental to his remarkable recovery.

Charles eliminated cows’ milk from his diet, and significantly reduced the intake of red meat and carbohydrates. He converted to a low carb, high protein breakfast as advocated by Snuffy Myers. Also, at the post-surgery 18 month mark when his PSA had risen slightly, the Gawler Foundation coincidently offered four places to Geelong Prostate Support Group members to attend one of their courses (2 hours per week for 4 weeks). Charles joined three others from our Group in participating in this. Attendance at the Gawler course reinforced decisions Charles had already made about his diet. The course also introduced him to the value of meditation and mind power visualisation. Charles also believes that regular exercise is most important for overall health and wellbeing.

Charles’ PSA is now stable at less than 0.010 (immeasurable).

He appreciates the strong fellowship that exists within the Geelong Prostate Support Group. He is a member of our leadership team. Charles’ wife Janina attends the Partners’ Group get-togethers.