Ern is 79 years old. In 2001, when he was 60, he spoke with his doctor and requested that his PSA be graphed. Six years later Ern’s PSA reading began to spike, and he was referred to a urologist. A biopsy detected no evidence of cancer.

PSA graphing continued, and another spike occurred when he was 72. This time a biopsy resulted is a Gleason score of 7. Ern’s urologist presented him with a number of options, but indicated that he was not keen on operating on a 72 year old. Ern chose to undertake radiation and was referred to an oncologist.

Tests confirmed that the cancer was still encapsulated within the prostate. Ern was prescribed a course of 36 radiation treatments. However, prior to having radiation, he spoke with his naturopath and Ern began taking a range of complementary medicines. He says that doing this really put him in good stead for the radiation, and feels that this enhanced his body’s capacity to repair during and after each radiation treatment.

Immediately post-radiation and 74 years old, Ern’s PSA score was virtually undetectable. He continued to utilize complementary medicine.

Unfortunately, within 3 months of the radiation his PSA had again begun to rise. Working with his urologist and oncologist Ern now moved on to Lucrin hormone injections. After 6 months his PSA had considerably reduced, but on-going monitoring continued.

Once again and at age 77, Ern’s PSA had risen, and Lucrin was injected over a longer period. His PSA went down to zero.

Ern continued to try a whole range of non-medical options that might contribute to his improvement. He tried various foods, specific diets, began meditation and had hypnotism. He attended a 10-week Gawler Foundation course.

However Ern’s PSA score was to double, and a third and longer course of Lucrin injections had begun. This finished in July 2014. His PSA score is 1. The impact of the Lucrin was being reduced over time.

Ern continues to apply various complementary medicine options, and is now having a weekly acupuncture treatment.

Ern thoroughly enjoys life, especially walks, politics, and bowls. He attends all Geelong PSG meetings, usually with his partner Elizabeth. She also joins in all of the Partners’ get-togethers.