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Group Meeting. Guest speaker: Dr Ian Grant, specialist in palliative care.

In the first half of our group meeting on Friday, 30th August Ian will be covering a number of aspects of his topic that are not well understood by patients, carers and the wider community.

Indeed, there are some that shy away from even discussing the subject.  However, knowing about what it is (and is not) is as important as understanding wills, financial and medical powers of attorney and advanced care directives.

Everyone will face end of life issues at some point. Self-education on all these matters is very important, no matter what age we are or what social stage we may have reached.

Dr Grant is keen to attend our meeting and he would like it to be as interactive as possible.  He will address the following themes:

  • When should it start?
  • What are its aims (pain control, anxiety relief, maintenance of dignity)?
  • What professionals are involved (specialised physicians, nurses, carers)?
  • In what places is it offered (home, hostel, hospital, hospice)?
  • Can there be / should there be progression in ‘place’?
  • How do its processes interface with family carers?
  • Is carer respite part of the package?
  • What are the costs / how is it funded?
  • How does Victoria’s new ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying’ fit in with palliative care?

Come for a prompt start at 10:00am so we have plenty of time to answer your questions.  Your partners are invited to attend this very important meeting.