A Sydney-based PR agency is the Australian secretariat for the All.Can cancer initiative – a global initiative committed to improving cancer care.

As one of Australia’s first projects, they have joined a global survey (which is taking place across 10 countries) to identify common issues cancer patients experience. The aim is to discover what is preventing patients from getting optimal cancer care.

Given your continued work in providing support to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, it would be wonderful if you could complete or share the online link to the survey. This is an opportunity for Australians to contribute to a global research project and help All.Can gather insights to shape recommendations to improve cancer care in Australia.

They launched All.Can in Australia on World Cancer Day this year. The overarching goal for All.Can in Australia is to help contribute to sustainable resource allocation in cancer care and to identify improvements that matter to patients.

The survey is open until the 31 October and can be accessed via http://www.myonlinesurvey.co.uk/allcan_ENAU/

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