How we can help you

Support groups such as ours can help people who have a prostate related condition, or are concerned about the possibility of having prostate cancer, or have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or have undergone treatment.

Members of our group can provide support prior to as well as subsequent to treatment. Some men are unaware of the importance of evaluating the various treatment options that are available and selecting the option that is best for them in view of their particular circumstances. You should give consideration to all the options and talking to people who have been through treatment can be very informative. Our members can also make suggestions about reading that you can undertake to become more informed about treatment options. We advise you to make sure that you consider all the treatment options prior to agreeing to a particular treatment.

Through personal contact with a member of our support group or through attendance at one of our meetings, you would have the opportunity to:

  • Talk to Group members who may be able to provide one-on-one counsel and support in relation to particular issues.
  • Discuss your needs, hopes, problems, anxieties and expectations with members of our Group who have had similar experiences, and who can appreciate what you are going through.
  • Talk to men who have undergone particular diagnostic and treatment procedures and obtain their views.
  • Form an appreciation of what the future may have in store for you in the light of members’ experiences.
  • Listen to informative presentations from medical experts, participate in discussions with those experts and as a consequence become more informed about techniques and facilities for diagnosis, treatment and after-care.
  • Get suggestions about important ‘must-read’ printed and audiovisual materials available in our library.
  • Access our informative, monthly newsletter.
  • Obtain a set of Prostate Cancer booklets published by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, or if you wish, you may view and/or download them directly from the PCFA Website.
  • Have an informative presentation made to your association, workgroup, or friendship group.