How you can help us

Our group functions as a self help support group. It is comprised of men who have been treated for prostate health issues, their partners, their family members, and other members of the community. You can help our group and the wider community through one or more of these ways:

  • Share information about your experiences. Come to a meeting and share your experiences and ideas with us. For example, tell us about: your history with prostate cancer; how it was detected, the treatment options you considered or may be considering. If you have undertaken treatment, what that was, and its effectiveness, and what are your expectations and plans for the future. But if you are uncomfortable about telling your story, don’t feel that you have to – just come along to our meetings anyway so that you can learn from other people’s stories and learn from the presentations that we arrange.
  • Help spread the word about early detection. Talk to your family and friends about prostate cancer and in particular the benefits of early detection. Volunteer, where possible, at men’s health functions like Blokes Day Out for example, to talk with interested people and hand out information pamphlets.
  • Participate in planning and management. As with any self-help organisation, there is quite a bit to do in planning and managing our activities. If you would like to help with that, it would lighten the load of our volunteer facilitator group.
  • Arrange a prostate health presentation. You may identify within a group with which you are involved, that knowledge of prostate health is lacking, and be able to encourage your group to have a presentation from one of our trained presenters. The Geelong Prostate Support Group has trained Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Ambassadors, available for such presentations. Read more about the Ambassador Program.