Most of the members of the Geelong Prostate Support Group have or have had prostate cancer. Our Group exists to support men who have any concerns about their prostate, not cancer alone.

John is 75 years old. He is retired, but had worked for Telstra as a radio technician.

When he was 70 he became concerned at the number of times he was getting up to visit the toilet at night. As a result, John made an appointment to see his doctor. His doctor gave him a thorough examination, including a DRE and a PSA blood test. Prior to this visit to his doctor, John had not had either of these two tests.

The doctor advised that there was swelling on the left hand side of the prostate; the blood test showed elevated PSA. John was referred to a urologist for further testing.

The urologist did another DRE, and booked John into hospital in 6 weeks for a prostate biopsy. Twelve samples were taken, and John was advised that he would receive a call when pathology results became available.

When the phone rang, a terse voice on the other end reported: “You haven’t got cancer.”

(Prior to visiting his doctor, John had been taking 2 – 3 hour bicycle rides a couple of times a week. He thinks that perhaps these long rides may have had an effect on the PSA result, and perhaps the enlarged prostate).

Whilst he was extremely relieved to hear that news, John remained anxious – he was still constantly getting up for toilet visits at night.

He was chatting to a friend, Ron, who happened to be a member of the Geelong Prostate Support Group. Ron suggested that he come along to a Group meeting. At the meeting John chatted with another GPSG member, Bruce, who suggested that he might try taking Prostalobium tablets. John commenced taking these tablets and his getting up at night was reduced by 50%.

John and his partner Helen attend Group meetings, and Helen always joins with the Partners’ Group for their regular coffee get-togethers.

John enjoys an active lifestyle; he is a great believer in the value of physical activity, and looking after his personal health. He takes care to maintain a well-balanced diet; his doctor has commended him on the healthy state of his heart.

John and Helen walk twice a day, once in the morning and once after dinner. They both enjoy backpacking and camping trips, especially in Tasmania. They both also enjoy bike riding. “I also get a lot of satisfaction listening to classical music. I find it very uplifting and relaxing.”