Ron will be 74 in September. After retiring at the age of 67, a general health check-up which included blood tests revealed an elevated PSA of 17.1.

Biopsy tests later revealed 10 of the 12 samples were positive, with a Gleason score of 7. A radical prostatectomy was advised as soon as possible

At this point Ron felt that he needed more information in order to make an informed decision on the best treatment option. Prior to now he had not experienced any personal health symptoms. In the interim he immediately commenced taking vitamin B17, stopped eating sugar, alkalised his body and adopted the Oasis of Hope Hospital cancer recovery programme. After two months Ron’s PSA level had dropped down to 8.4, and this level has continued to fluctuate over the years.

After consulting a total of three Urologists, an Integrative Medical Practitioner from the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, the luck in discovering the Geelong Prostate Support Group and reading the testimonies from people who have conquered many types of cancer, Ron decided to cancel the operation and embark on a regime of active surveillance. This was complemented with an anti-cancer diet, active surveillance monitoring comprising live blood analysis tests, heavy metal toxicity testing, hair analysis, and daily pH, PSA and urine tests.

Ron is optimistic for the future, having conquered a melanoma twenty-four years ago. He is now doing everything he can for himself. He limits the intake of processed food, drinks clean water, eats home- grown fruit and vegetables when possible, and keeps up with the latest research findings. He attends Geelong Prostate Support Group meetings and activities, and maintains an ongoing collaboration with his Integrative Medical Doctor.

Ron has read widely on the issue. He has found the following authors influential: Ian Gawler, Dr Ernst Krebs. Edward G Griffin, Percy Weston, Professor Baird, Henry Osiecki, Michael F Hollick, Zoltan Rona, Phillip Day, Brian J Meade, Bill Statham and also the National Institute of Integrative Medicine newsletter.