Steve’s Story

Steve is 57 years old. He has worked in the IT industry as a computer programmer, and is semi-retired, due to ill-health. He lived in Sydney for many years and moved to Melbourne in 2017. In 2012 when he was 50, his optometrist suggested he see his GP and arrange a blood sugar test. Until he returned for the result, [...]

January 28th, 2020|

Tony’s Story

Tony is 68 years old. He commenced his career as an electrician on an apprenticeship with the then Victorian Railways. Tony went on to work for Alcoa spending 13 years at Anglesea and 19 years at Point Henry. He took a retirement package in 2013 and now describes himself as being a self-employed and semi-retired electrician. Tony had a PSA [...]

June 26th, 2019|

Graham W’s Story

Graham was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2006 at age 59. He visited his doctor for a general check-up, but also reported increased frequency of the need to urinate. “It had been two and a half years since my previous DRE, when the gland felt ‘nice and smooth’ - that’s what she said”! A blood test showed Graham had [...]

October 25th, 2016|

Colin’s Story

Colin is 68 years old. For a number of years he had not been feeling well, affected by chronic fatigue. When he turned 60, Colin did what many of his friends were doing and went to his doctor for a full medical check-up. He was particularly keen to get a resolution to the chronic fatigue. The blood tests that were [...]

September 24th, 2015|

Alan’s Story

Alan is 74 years old. He had his first PSA test in 1996, at age 54. In 2002, at age 61, a further test gave a somewhat high result for his age, viz 5.6. Since he was building a new house in Bright at that time, he elected to finish that before following up on the PSA result. Early in [...]

July 28th, 2015|
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